Hoffman Cable Management System Helps Water Softening System Valve Manufacturer Clean Up

Deep cabinets accommodate servers and cables

Pentair’s Water Group is a global leader in providing innovative products and services used worldwide for the movement, treatment, storage and enjoyment of water. Its products range from pumps and filtration system components to pool/spa equipment and accessories.


The group’s facility in Brookfield, Wis., which manufactures water softening system control valves, has long relied on data cabinets manufactured by Hoffman, its Pentair sister company. However, the IBM servers used in the Brookfield data room were too deep to facilitate good cable management.


“It had become a spider’s nest. You could barely see the switches for the wires,” said Paul Siebenaller, Systems Administrator, Pentair Water. “We were looking for a cleaner look and a better cable management system. We also needed deeper cabinets to accommodate our servers.”


In response to Siebenaller’s request, Hoffman representatives toured the facility’s data room, assessed the situation and suggested system enhancements for optimum performance.


Soon after that meeting, a PROLINE® ConnecTekÔ Network Communications Cabinet with 19-inch, adjustable depth fixed shelves, 19-inch, rack-mount horizontal cable managers and a 20 amp power strip was installed. Three PROLINE® FloTekÔ PC Passive Cooling Server Cabinets, each with a 20 amp power strip, were also installed.


The ConnecTek Cabinet and FloTek Server Cabinets provide maximum passive airflow through fully perforated tops. The front and rear doors provide excellent ventilation, enabling air to circulate around cables, patch panels and other network equipment. These deeper cabinets also conform to server manufacturers’ open space requirements, provide more room for technicians to work and require minimal maintenance because they have no fans.


The cabinets were installed by CC&N, based in Pewaukee, Wis. “The installers were really happy with the Hoffman horizontal cable management system,” said Siebenaller. “They said it was the nicest cabinet they’ve seen--and they see a lot of cabinets.”


When the cabinets were installed, Siebenaller took advantage of the opportunity to rewire the entire data room. Now everything is labeled and tied together, and all the cables are routed through one central location.


The deep Hoffman cabinets facilitated placing the IBM server cable management behind the servers, and the total system footprint has been reduced, further enhancing the data room’s look and functionality.


“I think the Hoffman cable management system is a huge plus,” said Siebenaller. “We went from having an octopus to a very clean data room. It looks really nice, and I’m very pleased.”