Hoffman CONCEPT™ Enclosures ‘Workin’ at the Car Wash

Pro Equipment Car Wash manufacturer lauds Hoffman’s proven protection and reliability

Reliability is the key to success in the car wash industry. Unexpected downtime caused by equipment failure can result in lost revenue and diminished customer loyalty.


That’s why car wash manufacturer Randy Travis insists that only Hoffman CONCEPT® Enclosures are used to protect the computers, starters, contact relays and other controls shipped to car wash owner/operators in 46 states and around the world. As president and owner of Pro Equipment Company, a 31-year-old original equipment manufacturer, Travis sells turnkey products under the Pro Car Wash brand in Benton, Ky.


Hoffman CONCEPT Enclosures play a key role in car wash operations, and according to Travis, more than 2,000 cabinets of all shapes and sizes are in use in automatic and self-serve car washes sold to Pro Equipment customers. Hoffman sales representative Mike Meyer from Lester Sales Company said the CONCEPT line was recommended because it’s dual rated for wet and dry locations and is easily accessible.


“Getting in and out of the enclosure quickly is important in a fast-paced environment like a car wash, where lost time leads to lost revenue,” said Meyer. “We’ve also customized some of the larger cabinets so owner/operators can view the computer controls through a glass window, without having to open the enclosure.”


Hoffman CONCEPT Enclosures protect the most essential and most expensive piece of equipment for the automatic car washes: the Programmable Logical Controller (PLC), a computer that controls every automatic wash function from the moment quarters are dropped into the coin box until the freshly washed, rinsed and misted vehicle gets the green light to proceed through the blow-dry cycle. Located in a control room within the facility, the PLC must be kept completely dry in an environment typically exposed to humidity, heat, and potentially leaky hoses and pipes.


Travis said Hoffman CONCEPT Enclosures have repeatedly withstood the test of these conditions. “In one equipment room, a water line burst and sprayed water directly on the CONCEPT box housing the PLC,” said Travis. “We had 1 foot of standing water in the room, but our PLC was safe, dry and protected, thanks to Hoffman.”


In a car wash facility, owners store many spare parts to replace items like brushes, wands and swivels, but Travis stressed, “It’s too expensive to keep a $12,000 backup computer, so the enclosure is critical to car wash operations.”


Travis said it’s also important to work with a knowledgeable distributor who can identify your needs and know how to address them. In Kentucky, Gene Edwards of Hannan Supply offered valuable advice and guidance on customizing the CONCEPT Enclosures for housing the PLC and recommended a variety of cabinet sizes to protect other key controls.


“Time and again, Hoffman CONCEPT Enclosures have proven their reliability so Pro Equipment Car Washes can provide steady, uninterrupted, clean experiences to our happy customers,” said Travis.