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The Benefits of Shielding Enclosures

Hoffman's research on the effects of solar radiation on enclosures has shown the positive benefits of utilizing shielding to decrease temperature rise. Shielding has been found to be an effective, low-cost method of reducing solar heat gain in outdoor
electrical/electronic applications.

A test to compare the shielding effect on internal temperature rise was performed on similar enclosures exposed to the sun. The enclosures are the same color (RAL 7035 light gray) and material. The enclosure on the left is unshielded; the enclosure on the right is shielded on top and applicable sides.

The results of the test show the enclosure with top and side shields to have approximately a 46 percent reduction in temperature compared to the unshielded enclosure. The reduction in temperature is approximately 25 percent with the solar top shield only. Hoffman offers top shields as an accessory for Hoffman COMLINE™ Wall-Mount Enclosures. Hoffman can provide side shields as a customer-ordered modification.    

Enclosure Type Temperature (F) Temperature (C) Percent Temperature Reduction 
Shielding Effectiveness Graph
Top shield only1144625
Top and side shields1104346