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PROTEK™ Single-Door Fan Packages

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PROTEK Single-Door Fan Package cabinets are an excellent, off-the-shelf choice for mounting 19-in. rack, panel-mounted devices or other electronic equipment. An integral top solar/drip shield and thermostatically-controlled fans provide airflow to cool internal equipment. Cabinets are available in UL Type 3R for indoor/outdoor use. A UL Type 1 window-door version is available for indoor applications. The integral fans provide cooling for internally-mounted equipment. The enclosures provide protection against water, dirt and other contaminants. PROTEK is an excellent choice for applications where space is at a premium and the only option is wall mounting. PROTEK comes in a broad range of sizes, materials and configurations to meet many demanding applications.


• Solid-door cabinet provides complete physical and visual protection
• Integral top solar/drip shield
• Two thermostatically-controlled, long-life, high-performance fans mounted into top
• Perforated, vented base with internal, expanded metal, serviceable filter
• Window door, made of scratch-resistant safety glass, provides visual monitoring of internal equipment while maintaining equipment protection
• All seams are fully welded and ground smooth
• Door and body are provided with ground studs to facilitate proper bonding and grounding of the cabinet
• Premium seamless, foam-in-place gasket prevents contaminants from entering the cabinet
• Keylocking wing knob provides access control to the cabinet; two keys are included with each cabinet
• One set of plated, self-grounding, tapped 10-32 rack angles per EIA universal spacing standards, which can be adjusted front-to-back, is provided with each cabinet
• Additional rack angles in tapped and square-hole versions can be added to the cabinet
• Wall section welded panel studs which accommodate standard panels (steel and wood available), can be ordered separately


• Doors made of 16 gauge and body made of 14 gauge steel
• Window made of .25-in. safety glass
• Integral top with two 6-in. (272 CFM) or 4-in. (113 CFM) fans powered by 120 VAC via cord with standard NEMA plug 5-15P
• Incoming air filter made of expanded aluminum
• Rack angles made of 12 gauge plated steel
• M6 door and body ground studs are masked from paint
• Twenty 10-32 rack angle equipment mounting screws included with cabinet
• Foam-in-place gasket made of durable polyurethane
• Inline thermostat turns fans on when temperature exceeds
85 F/30 C


Pretreated steel coated with light-gray, low-gloss, lightly textured RAL 7035 polyester powder

Industry Standards

UL 508A Listed; File Number E61997
cUL Listed per CSA C22.2 No. 94; File Number E61997
Solid Door: Type 3R
Window Door: Type 1
NEMA / EEMAC: Type 1 or 3R
IEC 60529, IP30 or IP 32

Load Rating

Height Rating
24 in. 250 lb./90.7 kg
36 in. 300 lb./136.1 kg
48 in. 400 lb./181.4 kg


Locks and handles
Panels (steel and wood)
Grounding kits
Power Distribution Units (PDUs)
Rack angles


Performance data based on:
• Effective measured airflow provided by integral fans is 272 CFM (6-in.) or 113 CFM (4-in.)
• Delta T or ΔT (Ambient Temperature – Maximum in-cabinet Temperature)

- Ambient air must be cooler than maximum in-cabinet temperature
- For applications that have less than a ΔT of 5 F, use PROTEK with AC unit
• Total Cooling = (Air cooling + Cabinet cooling)
• Air Cooling [Watts = .316 x CFM x ΔT] Cabinet cooling [Watts = (.22 x Area) / ΔT]

Example: Cabinet height 24 in. x 24 in. deep with ambient temperature 110 F, with a maximum internal cabinet temperature 120 F (ΔT = 10 F). The cabinet and fans will provide a total cooling capability of 762 Watts or 1300 BTU.

(See Performance Charts)

Bid Specification (Acrobat - 196K)