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Hazardous Location Thermostat

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Compact mechanical thermostat for temperature control of heaters or low-temperature alarms in enclosures that are used in explosion-hazardous areas.


• Compact design
• Set temperature
• High switching capacity
• Small hysteresis (switching difference)
• Long service life (greater than 100,000 cycles)
• Can usually be connected directly and switched without the need for additional relays
• Thermostatic bimetallic sensor element
• One-pole contact opens with rising temperature
• Mounting bracket and DIN clip for mounting
• Connection cable: Si HF - JZ 3 x AWG 18 x 3.3 ft. (0.75 mm² x 1 m)


Black anodized aluminum

Industry Standards

Conformity Certificate LCIE (Laboratoire Central des Industries Electriques) LCIE 01 ATEX 6074

EEx d IIC T6/II 2 GD, IP6x T85 °C
IEC 60529, IP65/1 (grounded)