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HMI - Human-Machine Interface

If you're looking for a large selection of human-machine interface enclosure solutions, products and accessories, look no farther than Hoffman.

New HMI Products

HMI Product Overview

HMI Product Selection Guide Overview

    HMI Enclosure Systems

    INLINE™ HMI System and Accessories

    CONCEPT™ HMI System and Accessories

    Stainless Steel HMI System and Accessories

    CC2000 HMI System

    CC4000 HMI System and Accessories

    PROLINE™ Sloped-Front HMI System and Accessories

    Bases for PROLINE™ Sloped-Front HMI

    Frame Base for PROLINE™ Sloped-Front HMI

    Mounting Options

    SYSPEND™ Sanitary HMI System

    SYSPEND™ Monitor and Keyboard Arm

      SYSPEND™ VL-Motion Arm and Accessories

      SYSPEND™ VHD-Motion Arm and Accessories

      SYSPEND™ VHDS-Motion Arm and Accessories

      COMPACT™ Pendant Arm Series 1

      COMPACT™ Pendant Arm Series 2

      SYSPEND™ 281-MAX Suspension System

      COMPACT™ Pendant Arm Series 4 System 80

      CS480 Stainless Steel Pendant Arm System

      CS600 Stainless Steel Pendant Arm System

      Pedestals and Pedestal Accessories