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Cable/Wire Management

Hoffman's wireway and trough products are used in commercial and industrial environments to provide a fast, flexible method of distributing power and to control wiring. Hoffman has just the products you need to design a flexible and easy to install cable pathway system. Use the full line of components and accessories to conveniently organize cable runs. Mount the components to ceilings or walls, drop them under the floor, even combine components from different systems to build the cable pathway system that exactly fits your application.

Lay-In Wireway

Lay-In NEMA Type 1 Galvanized Wireway

Lay-In NEMA Type 1 Painted Flat-Cover Wireway

Lay-In NEMA Type 1 Hinged-Cover Wireway

Lay-In NEMA Type 3R Wireway

Lay-In NEMA Type 12 Wireway

Feed-Through Wireway

Feed-Through NEMA Type 12 Wireway

Stainless Steel Feed-Through NEMA Type 4X Wireway

Fiberglass Feed-Through Type 12 and 3R Wireway

Wiring Troughs

Wiring Troughs

Stainless Steel Cable Tray

CLEAN TRAY™ Stainless Steel Cable Tray