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As technology evolves, data and communication applications become mission-critical, demanding the protection and performance once reserved only for controls on the plant floor.

New Networking Products

Free-Stand Cabinets

Free-Stand Cabinets Product Selection Guide

    Net Series Communication and Server Cabinets and Accessories

    PROLINE™ Containment System

    PROLINE™ Server Cabinets

    PROLINE™ Communications Cabinets

      PROLINE™ Network Switch Cabinets

        PROLINE™ Network Sealed Environmental Packages

        Heat Dissipation in Electrical Enclosures

          PROLINE™-CL Colocation Cabinet, Components and Accessories

          PROLINE™ Cabinet Cable Managers

          PROLINE™ Accessories

          Networking SOHO Cabinet

            Workstation and PC Cabinets

            Cable and Power Management

            Open-Frame Rack Cable Managers

            Cabinet and Rack Cable Managers

            Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

            Open Frame Racks

            2-Post Open Frame Racks

              4-Post Open Frame Racks

                Open Frame Systems

                Open Frame Rack Accessories

                Wall-Mount Cabinets

                Wall-Mount Cabinets Product Selection Guide

                  ACCESSPLUS™ II Double-Hinge

                  PROTEK™ Single-Door and Double-Hinged Cabinets

                  PROTEK™ Accessories

                  L-BOX™ Wall-Mount Cabinet and Accessories

                  D-BOX™ Wall-Mount Enclosure and Accessories

                  POLYPRO™ WiFi, Type 4X

                  Fiberglass Hinge-Cover Type 4X WiFi Cabinet and Accessories

                  ULTRX™ Fiberglass Type 4X WiFi Cabinet and Accessories

                  Security Wall-Mount and Accessories

                  19-in. Rack-Mount/Desktop Case and Accessories

                  Wall-Mount Racks

                  19-in. Wall-Mount Cabinets, Racks and Panels

                  Cable Pathway / Bonding and Grounding

                  Cable Pathway and Accessories

                  QUICK TRAY PRO™

                  Bonding and Grounding Accessories

                  Seismic Products

                  Seismic Enclosures Overview

                    Seismic Cabinets

                    Seismic Racks


                    Data Center Floor Brush Kits

                    Fan Tray

                    Compact Cooling Fans and Accessories

                    Cooling Fan and Exhaust Packages with Accessories

                    Fan Shroud Kit

                      Outside Plant Products

                      COMLINE™ Wall-Mount Enclosures and Accessories

                      COMLINE™ OSP Wall-Mount Cabinet Package and Accessories

                      COMLINE™ OSP Vertical Mount Cabinet Package and Accessories

                      Fiber Optic Cabinets

                      OSP Cabinets


                        Shelves for Open Frame Racks and Cabinets

                        Lighting Packages

                        Mounting Hardware

                        Handles, Latches and Locks

                        General Accessories

                        Technical Information


                        Solar Heat Gain