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Building the right enclosures for a wide variety of applications is what we do best.

New Products

HMI - Human Machine Interface


Thermal Management

Hazardous Location


Mild Steel




Drawn Enclosures and Accessories


    Pushbutton Enclosures

    INLINE™ Enclosures

    FUSION G7™ and Accessories

    CONCEPT™ Wall-Mount Enclosures

    Type 12 Wall-Mount Enclosures

    Type 4 Wall-Mount Enclosures

    Type 1 Free-Stand Enclosures and Accessories

    Type 12 Free-Stand Enclosures

    Type 4 Free-Stand Enclosures and Accessories

    Type 12 Floor-Mount Enclosures

      Type 4 Floor-Mount Enclosures

      Stainless Steel



        Flush-Mount Enclosures

        INLINE™ Instrumentation Enclosures

          INLINE™ Landscape Instrumentation Enclosures and Accessories


            Pushbutton Enclosures

            CONCEPT™ Wall-Mount Enclosures

            Wall-Mount Enclosures and Accessories

            WATERSHED™ Wall-Mount Enclosures and Accessories

            Consoles and Accessories

            Floor-Mount and Free-Stand Enclosures

            Hoffman WATERSHED™ Free-Stand

            PROLINE™ HMI Enclosures


            POLYPRO™, Type 4X

            Continuous Hinge

            Screw- or Hinge-Cover with Quick-Release Latch

            Overlapping Cover


            Hinge-Cover with 3-Point Latch or Quick-Release Latches


              Two-Door Free-Stand

              QLINE™ D

              QLINE™ E

              QLINE™ I


              Clamp Cover

              COMPACT™, Type 4X


              Wall-Mount Preferred-Cutout Overview

                Preferred Cutout, Disconnects, Type 12

                CONCEPT™ Wall-Mount Disconnects

                Type 4 and 12 Wall-Mount Disconnects

                Fiberglass Disconnects

                Low-Profile Type 12 Disconnects and Accessories

                Hoffman WATERSHED™ Wall-Mount Disconnects

                Wall-Mount Fixed-Depth AB Cutout Overview

                  Type 12, 13 Fixed-Depth AB Disconnects

                  Free-Stand Preferred-Cutout Disconnect Overview

                    Free-Stand Disconnects and Accessories

                    PROLINE-DD Modular Enclosures and Accessories

                    Free-Stand Preferred-Cutout Stainless Steel Disconnect Overview

                      Stainless Steel Two-Door Disconnects

                      Stainless Steel General Purpose Disconnects

                      Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Disconnects

                      Hoffman WATERSHED™ Stainless Steel

                      Free-Stand Universal-Cutout Disconnect Overview

                        Free-Stand Type 12 Disconnects

                        Free-Stand Type 4 Disconnects

                        Type 12 Modular Free-Stand Disconnects and Accessories

                        SEQUESTR™ External Disconnect Preferred-Cutout Overview

                        SEQUESTR™ External Disconnects

                        Accessories for Free-Stand or Floor-Mount Disconnects

                        Modular Enclosure Systems

                        PROLINE™ Modular Enclosure Systems

                        PROLINE™ Industrial Packages

                          PROLINE™ Frames

                          PROLINE™ Frame Accessories

                          PROLINE™ Cable Entry Cabinets and Accessories

                          PROLINE™ External Components for Modular Enclosures

                          PROLINE™ Doors, Covers and Sides

                          PROLINE™ Barrier Panels, Side Door Adapters

                          PROLINE™ Door Accessories

                          PROLINE™ Tops and Bases

                          PROLINE™ Internal Components for Modular Enclosures

                          Panel and Grid Mounting System

                          Swing-Out Rack Frames and Accessories

                          PROLINE™ Shelves, Rails and Lighting Packages

                          Rack-Mount Angles and Accessories

                          PROLINE-PC Modular Enclosures and Accessories

                          PROLINE-SY Modular Enclosure System

                          PROLINE™ Gold Series Computer Workstation Enclosure System

                          PROLINE™ Gold Series Desk Consoles and Accessories

                          HMI - Human-Machine Interface

                          New HMI Products

                          HMI Product Selection Guide Overview

                            INLINE™ HMI System and Accessories

                            CONCEPT™ HMI System and Accessories

                            Stainless Steel HMI System and Accessories

                            CC2000 HMI System

                            CC4000 HMI System and Accessories

                            PROLINE™ Sloped-Front HMI System and Accessories

                            Bases for PROLINE™ Sloped-Front HMI

                            Frame Base for PROLINE™ Sloped-Front HMI

                            SYSPEND™ Sanitary HMI System

                            SYSPEND™ Monitor and Keyboard Arm

                              SYSPEND™ VL-Motion Arm and Accessories

                              SYSPEND™ VHD-Motion Arm and Accessories

                              SYSPEND™ VHDS-Motion Arm and Accessories

                              COMPACT™ Pendant Arm Series 1

                              COMPACT™ Pendant Arm Series 2

                              SYSPEND™ 281-MAX Suspension System

                              COMPACT™ Pendant Arm Series 4 System 80

                              CS480 Stainless Steel Pendant Arm System

                              CS600 Stainless Steel Pendant Arm System

                              Pedestals and Pedestal Accessories

                              Tablet Solution


                              Screw-Cover Type 1 Pull Boxes and Accessories

                              Hinged-Cover Type 1 Boxes, Enclosures and Accessories

                              Screw-Cover Type 3 Enclosures

                                Screw-Cover Type 3R Boxes and Enclosures

                                Hinge-Cover Type 3R Enclosures

                                Hinge-Cover Lift-Off Type 3R Enclosures and Accessories

                                Pad-Mount Type 3R Enclosures and Accessories

                                WEATHERFLO™ Type 3R Vented Enclosures

                                WEATHERFLO™ HD

                                Telephone Cabinets and Accessories

                                Current Transformer Cabinets

                                Type 3R Terminal Box and Accessories


                                  Canadian Cabinets

                                    Canadian Splitters


                                      New Networking Products

                                      Free-Stand Cabinets Product Selection Guide

                                        Net Series Communication and Server Cabinets and Accessories

                                        PROLINE™ Containment System

                                        PROLINE™ Server Cabinets

                                        PROLINE™ Communications Cabinets

                                          PROLINE™ Network Switch Cabinets

                                            PROLINE™ Network Sealed Environmental Packages

                                            Heat Dissipation in Electrical Enclosures

                                              PROLINE™-CL Colocation Cabinet, Components and Accessories

                                              PROLINE™ Cabinet Cable Managers

                                              PROLINE™ Accessories

                                              Networking SOHO Cabinet

                                                Workstation and PC Cabinets

                                                Open-Frame Rack Cable Managers

                                                Cabinet and Rack Cable Managers

                                                Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

                                                2-Post Open Frame Racks

                                                  4-Post Open Frame Racks

                                                    Open Frame Systems

                                                    Open Frame Rack Accessories

                                                    Wall-Mount Cabinets Product Selection Guide

                                                      ACCESSPLUS™ II Double-Hinge

                                                      PROTEK™ Single-Door and Double-Hinged Cabinets

                                                      PROTEK™ Accessories

                                                      L-BOX™ Wall-Mount Cabinet and Accessories

                                                      D-BOX™ Wall-Mount Enclosure and Accessories

                                                      POLYPRO™ WiFi, Type 4X

                                                      Fiberglass Hinge-Cover Type 4X WiFi Cabinet and Accessories

                                                      ULTRX™ Fiberglass Type 4X WiFi Cabinet and Accessories

                                                      Security Wall-Mount and Accessories

                                                      19-in. Rack-Mount/Desktop Case and Accessories

                                                      19-in. Wall-Mount Cabinets, Racks and Panels

                                                      Cable Pathway and Accessories

                                                      QUICK TRAY PRO™

                                                      Bonding and Grounding Accessories

                                                      Seismic Enclosures Overview

                                                        Seismic Cabinets

                                                        Seismic Racks

                                                        Data Center Floor Brush Kits

                                                        Fan Tray

                                                        Compact Cooling Fans and Accessories

                                                        Cooling Fan and Exhaust Packages with Accessories

                                                        Fan Shroud Kit

                                                          COMLINE™ Wall-Mount Enclosures and Accessories

                                                          COMLINE™ OSP Wall-Mount Cabinet Package and Accessories

                                                          COMLINE™ OSP Vertical Mount Cabinet Package and Accessories

                                                          Fiber Optic Cabinets

                                                          OSP Cabinets

                                                            Shelves for Open Frame Racks and Cabinets

                                                            Lighting Packages

                                                            Mounting Hardware

                                                            Handles, Latches and Locks

                                                            General Accessories


                                                            Solar Heat Gain


                                                            Aegis Enclosures and Accessories

                                                            Cable and Wire Management

                                                            Lay-In NEMA Type 1 Galvanized Wireway

                                                            Lay-In NEMA Type 1 Painted Flat-Cover Wireway

                                                            Lay-In NEMA Type 1 Hinged-Cover Wireway

                                                            Lay-In NEMA Type 3R Wireway

                                                            Lay-In NEMA Type 12 Wireway

                                                            Feed-Through NEMA Type 12 Wireway

                                                            Stainless Steel Feed-Through NEMA Type 4X Wireway

                                                            Fiberglass Feed-Through Type 12 and 3R Wireway

                                                            Wiring Troughs

                                                            CLEAN TRAY™ Stainless Steel Cable Tray

                                                            Busbar Systems

                                                            60-mm Busbar Systems

                                                              60-mm System Classic

                                                              60mm-System Compact

                                                              Insulated Flexible Busbar

                                                              Panel Mount Fuse Holders

                                                              Disconnect Switches

                                                                Thermal Management

                                                                New Thermal Management Product

                                                                Thermal Management Design Guide

                                                                Air Conditioners Sizing and Selection

                                                                Air Conditioners

                                                                Air Conditioners Adaptor Plenums

                                                                  Vortex Cooling Systems and Accessories

                                                                  Heat Exchangers Sizing and Selection

                                                                  Heat Exchangers

                                                                  Heat Exchangers (For Asia and Europe markets only)

                                                                    Electronic Cooling

                                                                    Fans, Blowers, Louvers and Vents Sizing and Selection

                                                                    Compact Cooling Fans and Accessories

                                                                    Cooling Fan and Exhaust Packages and Accessories

                                                                    Direct Air Cooling System (DACS)

                                                                      Filter Fan Packages

                                                                      Blower Fan Package

                                                                      Fan Accessories

                                                                      Louvers and Vents

                                                                      Heaters Sizing and Selection



                                                                      Condensation Devices

                                                                      Replacement Parts

                                                                        Cooling Product Warranty

                                                                          Hazardous Locations

                                                                          New Hazardous Location Product

                                                                          Hazardous Location Enclosures and Accessories

                                                                          Small- and Large-Volume Purging/Pressurization Systems

                                                                          Hazardous Location Purge and Pressurization Systems

                                                                            Thermal Management


                                                                            New Accessory Products

                                                                            Condensation and Pressure Compensation Devices

                                                                            Panels for Enclosures

                                                                            Panels for Open Frame Racks

                                                                            Panel Accessories

                                                                            Window Kits

                                                                            Door Stops

                                                                            Data Pockets

                                                                            Folding Shelves

                                                                            Shelves for Open Frame Racks

                                                                            Shelves for Racks and Cabinets


                                                                            Gland Plates






                                                                            Drip Shields

                                                                            Hole Seals

                                                                            Corrosion Inhibitors

                                                                            Terminal Block Kits

                                                                            DIN-Mounted Accessories


                                                                            Electrical Interlocks

                                                                            Lighting Packages

                                                                            Power Distribution Units

                                                                            Hazardous Location Accessories

                                                                            Mounting Kits

                                                                            Legs and Casters


                                                                            Rack-Mount Accessories

                                                                            INTERSAFE™ Data Interface Ports, Type 4/4X/12

                                                                            EMC Accessories

                                                                            INLINE™ Accessories

                                                                            CONCEPT Accessories

                                                                            Obsolete Products

                                                                            Technical Information

                                                                            Standards Organization Summary and Directory

                                                                            NEMA, UL and CSA Ratings

                                                                              Industry Standards for Non-Hazardous Applications

                                                                              IEC and CE Classifications

                                                                              Short Circuit Current Rating

                                                                              Materials and Paint Finishes

                                                                                Electromagnetic Compatibility

                                                                                Heat Dissipation in Electrical Enclosures

                                                                                Fan/Blower Selection and Sizing

                                                                                Seismic Enclosures Overview

                                                                                  Hazardous Location

                                                                                  North American Class, Division and Zone Protection Methods

                                                                                  European Class, Division and Zone Protection Methods

                                                                                    Division, Zone and Category Comparisons

                                                                                      Arc Flash Protection

                                                                                      Sanitary Washdown

                                                                                      Wireway Fill

                                                                                        Disconnect Wire Bend Space

                                                                                          Additional Resources